A little about me

 I'm a writer.

Do I write every day? Just about. Some days I sit at my computer and click, click, click, the words pour out. Other days, the words barely budge. But, everyday, when the writing is done, my world is put right.

I'm a mother.
I have two grown-up, light-up-the-world, daughters. Being a mom is absolutely, hands down, heart clapping --the BEST!

I'm a friend.
My best friend is my husband, Joe. We've been married so long we can finish each other's dreams. (Joe's are usually about the Red Sox.)

I'm a Maine-ah (I live in Maine).
I ride my bicycle to the ocean in the summer, and watch LOTS of snow fall the rest of the year. I grew up in Pennsylvania (my name was Beth Wingard then), and have also lived in Ohio and Massachusetts.

Oh yes.
I love pizza!!